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Dizzolve Airless Pump Cleaner 128 oz

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Dizzolve Airless Pump Cleaner  -Technical Data


  1. Cleaning airless spray equipment:
    a). Airless Pump Cleaner will flush all solvent based paint from the pump, lines and gun. It can be used instead of thinners for this purpose. To return equipment to use, a thorough rinsing with a strong detergent and then clean water are necessary.
    b).For cleaning water based paint from pump, lines and gun, water is recommended.
  2. Pump maintenance
    a). For maintaining packings in prime condition, it is recommended that the pump be cleansed with Airless Pump Cleaner periodically. Cycle the Cleaner several times or let it stand overnight in the system. Then rinse with detergent and clean water. As a penetrating oil, the Pump Cleaner will lubricate and condition the packings, whereas solvents and water dry them out.
  3. Parts maintenance and storage
    a). Tips, rock guards, tip housings, and filters can be stored in the Pump Cleaner to slowly loosen dried paint and prevent further hardening of paint. Cleaning can then proceed with a small wire brush, etc.
  4. Pump storage
    a).Dizzolve Airless Pump Cleaner can be used to store the pump, lines and gun over winter or during long periods of inactivity. Below freezing it becomes a jell, but returns to a liquid when moved to a warmer environment.


  1. Non-flammable.
    a).Though Dizzolve is non-flammable, it is a class three combustible and rags soaked in it can spontaneously ignite. Standard precautions for handling oily rags must be taken.

     2. Low VOC.

    a). Dizzolve has almost no odor and less than 25 g/l of VOCs.

    b). The same batch of Dizzolve can be used again and again. Straining or settling is not required for satisfactory results. The paint solids will settle, however, allowing the reusable liquid to be poured off and reused.


    1. Saves money. 
      a). Because the same batch of Dizzolve can be used over and over, the cost is diminished.
    2. Protects health.
      a).Dizzolve is non-toxic, is safe on the skin and has no dangerous fumes. It is also nonflammable.
    3. Reduces toxic waste.
      a). Dizzolve diminishes the waste stream caused when used thinners gather as a result of pump cleaning. This is a result of its reusability.

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